Why a Home Inventory is Important

Why a Home Inventory Is Important

If you have a home claim, can you list all of your belongings from memory?  Most of us can’t, so it is a great idea to create and maintain a home inventory.

 How do I create a home inventory? 

  • Home Video – You can walk through your home with a camcorder and make a video showing and describing your belongings.  Make sure to open drawers and cupboards as you go.
  • Photos – You can walk through your home and take pictures of your rooms and belongings.  Make sure to label these photos with descriptions and details.
  • List – You can make a detailed list of all of your belongings.

Additional tips for creating, maintaining, and storing your home inventory:

  • Whenever possible use descriptions that include manufacturer information and serial numbers.
  • Try to keep receipts for your records, especially for higher priced items.
  • Update your home inventory whenever you purchase new furniture or after you have received new belongings.
  • Store your home inventory in a safe location outside of your home.  A safety deposit box or a trusted family member or friend’s home may be a good option.

The Insurance Information Institute has a FREE online tool that can help you create your inventory. Just visit www.knowyourstuff.org for more details.

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