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Did you know that most insurance companies do not like moss?

That’s right! Moss is quite harmful especially to your roof. Insurance companies know that your roof in an important part of your home, and therefore prefer if your roof is properly maintained.

If you are thinking about switching the insurance on your home, it is important to know that most insurance companies will have a home inspection done. This is typically an exterior inspection, where an inspector will come and take photos of the outside of your home. The purpose is to make sure your home does not have an increased risk of having a claim. Inspectors typically look for moss on the roof, curling shingles, peeling paint, rot on any decking, steps without railings, other structures on the premises that may be a concern, etc…

Home insurers are particularity concerned with the condition or your roofing, because your roof is a major protector of your home and your belongings.

Why is moss on your roof so bad?

  • Moss can damage your shingles causing them to deteriorate more quickly.
  • Moss buildup can lift shingles up, allowing water to get under the shingles. Raised shingles can get caught in the wind and blow off. Water can also get trapped under raised shingles resulting in rotting and possible leaking.
  • Moss soaks up water; which keeps your roof wet and can result in rotting and leaking.

Summer is a good time of year to clear moss from your roof and create a moss prevention plan; which may include annual roof treatments or trimming trees that hang over your roof.

For cleaning techniques and prevention plans, click here.