Boat Insurance

boat insuranceBoats are a great way to relax, hang out with friends, or spend a day out fishing.  We want you to enjoy your time out on the water instead of worrying about the things that could go wrong.  At Strand Insurance we offer various coverage options that will help protect you, your boat, and your passengers.  We make it a priority to tailor your boat insurance policy to your specific needs.

We start by taking a look at what type of watercraft you own:

  • Jet Skis
  • Waverunners
  • Power Boats
  • Sail Boats
  • Yachts

We then take a look at what you want to have boat insurance coverage for:

  • Theft
  • Wreckage
  • Injury
  • Liability
  • Emergency Service
  • Electronics and Equipment
  • Boat Trailers

As you can see there are various watercraft insurance coverage options available to provide you with adequate protection while enjoying your time on the water.  At Strand Insurance, we will listen to your insurance needs and help guide you to a policy that meets your needs at the best price.

Strand Insurance Boat & Watercraft Companies: