Condo Insurance

shutterstock_2376527As a condo owner, your insurance needs and requirements may vary greatly.  Each condo unit is different, and we want your condo insurance policy to reflect that.

If you are wondering whether or not you need a condo insurance policy the answer is quite simple.  If you own a condo, you need condo insurance.  Even if your condo association has an insurance policy, that does not mean you are covered.  Often times, condo associations will carry insurance policies for the structure of the condo and any common areas that they may have.  The condo association policy does not provide coverage for your belongings, any updating/upgrading that you may do, or your liability.  This is where your own condo insurance comes in.

By purchasing condo insurance, you are protecting yourself and your investment with a policy that is tailored your individual needs as a condo owner.  At Strand Insurance, we will work with you to make sure that your condo insurance policy is as personalized as your condo unit.


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