Tornadoes and Insurance in Washington

With the recent tornado scares in Western Washington, you may be wondering if you are covered for tornado damage on your home or car. Strand Insurance would love to help you answer this question.

Is my home covered – most home insurance companies in Washington will cover tornado damage under a weather related loss such as wind damage. You will want to make sure your dwelling and contents limits are adequate in the event of a claim. You should also look at your building ordinance or law coverage. In the event that a tornado does not completely destroy your home, but creates a partial loss, you will most likely need to bring the undamaged portion of your home up to current building codes. This is where building ordinance or law coverage comes into play. Building ordinance or law is typically a percentage of your dwelling limit and is used for the expenses incurred while updating your home to meet current building codes and regulations. If you don’t have enough building ordinance or law coverage on your home insurance policy, this can be a hefty out of pocket expense.

Is my car covered – In Washington, the law requires you to carry liability coverage. Auto liability however does not cover damage to you vehicle if it is damaged by a tornado or other weather related event. In order to have coverage for a tornado, you would need to carry comprehensive coverage.

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