Utility Lines Insurance

Guess what! The water line that is buried in your yard just burst and it is going to cost you $5000 to fix. Should you turn it in to your home insurance company?

Did you know that most house insurance policies do not cover utility lines connected to the home?

Sewer lines and water lines, for example, are a homeowner’s responsibility to maintain provided they are part of your property, so you might think they are covered by your home insurance. It turns out this is not the case. Most insurance companies consider utility lines “features” of the property or “accessories.” Utility lines are connected to the house, but once the utility line or utility pipe leaves the house, it is no longer considered part of the dwelling, and that means no coverage.

How do you get coverage for these costly utility lines?

  • Adding a utility lines endorsement (if it is available)
  • Purchasing a separate utility lines insurance policy


Now, this is based on most house insurance companies. Always contact your insurance agent to clarify what coverage is afforded by your specific policy. Coverage varies by state and carrier.

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