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Does my insurance cover losses sustained as a result of Covid-19?

By April 9, 2020June 22nd, 2020Personal Insurance

Does my insurance cover losses sustained as a result of Covid-19? Do I get a discount for not driving right now? Do I still have to pay my insurance?

These are all GREAT questions and we are going to try and help you through this interesting time as much as we can. The answers to these questions are changing on an hourly basis. We are going to provide links and resource below to help you navigate this difficult time and to help answer some of your questions.


CARES Act for Small Businesses

Coronavirus Emergency Loans—Small business guide and checklist
Department of Labor—Covid-19 and the American Workplace
U.S. Small Business Administration—Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
Coming Out of the Shutdown Tips

Discounts From Our Companies

Liberty Mutual—Small commercial customers will receive up to a 15% refund for 2 months on their BOP policies.

Home and Auto

Discounts From Our Companies

Safeco – Up to 15% discount
Travelers – Up to 15% credit
Allstate – Up to 15% credit
The Hartford – Up to 15% discount
Mutual of Enumclaw – Up to $50 credit on auto policies and $10 on home policies (starting June 1st)
Grange – Up to 5% credit

Billing & Payments

Safeco – Please call 800-332-3226
Mutual of Enuclaw – Please call 888-475-2823
Grange – Please call 800-247-2643
Travelers – Please call 800-842-5075 or visit

Temporary Coverage Adjustments – Please Select Your Company

Mutual of Enumclaw