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Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Boats: Do I need Insurance?

In the Pacific Northwest we love our toys; boats, wave runners, ATVs, dirt bikes, tractors, etc. We love the outdoors and we know how to play in it! A few of our agents are big ATV fans. They go out on nice days with their Raptors and blast through the trails in...

Does a Motorcycle Insurance Policy Cover Other Riders?

This is an important question to consider if you are the owner of a motorcycle.  Motorcycle policies vary based on insuring company and by the coverage that you select.  Does your motorcycle policy have strictly liability only coverage or does your policy include...

Happy Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day has arrived.   According to an article from CNN, Valentine’s Day sales are estimated to reach $18.6 billion.  Can you guess what people will spend the most on?  Will it be a nice dinner, candy, cards, flowers, or jewelry?  The answer is...

Candle Safety

The warm glowing light of a candle can be magical in the cold months of winter.  However it is important to be cautious with lit candles, especially during this busy time of year when your home is filled with flammable items such as trees and wrapping paper.  ...

Ways To Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

Five sure-fire ways to get your car stolen Most people would say their car is one of the most valuable assets they own — if not the most valuable. Despite that, however, some people make it downright easy for thieves to drive off in their pride and joy. At Strand...

Custom Vehicle Parts and Equipment

Do you have any custom features on your vehicle that were not installed by the original manufacturer or dealership?  If you do, did you know that these custom features may not be covered by your insurance? People frequently adjust the appearance of their vehicles to...

Grave Marker Insurance

Halloween is the time of year for tricks and treats.  And a common Halloween trick is to steal or vandalize tombstones and grave markers.  Each year hundreds of cemeteries are hit by pranksters.  Did you know that you may have coverage for a vandalized or stolen grave...

What happens if my car is totaled and I owe more than it is worth?

What happens if my car is totaled and I owe more than it is worth? If your vehicle is totaled and you still owe money on it, a payment will be made from your insurance company to your lender.  If you owe more on your vehicle than it is worth, you will most likely be...

Water Leaks

Water leaks are a HUGE problem for homeowners.  Even the smallest of water leaks or drips can lead to substantial damage over a period of time costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.  Most homeowners do not realize the water leaks are not covered under a...

Restricted Dog Breeds

Why does my insurance company want to know what type of dog I have? A large amount of liability claims are turned in each year by homeowners as a result of dog bites.  For this reason, many insurance companies have a restricted dog breed list.  Insurance companies...