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Annual Insurance Review

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  1. Your home insurance coverage renewed recently. When you receive your renewal, please pay particular attention to the dwelling coverage. Do you feel this amount is adequate to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss?
    If not, what amount do you suggest?
  2. Do you believe your personal belongings are insured to their full replacement value?
  3. Does our agency insure all of your owned vehicles?
  4. Is the registered owner(s) of the vehicle(s) the same person listed as a "named Insured" on your auto policy?
    (A named insured is specifically listed on your declaration page. Listed drivers are not the same as a "named insured.")

  5. If you have answered "no" to any of the above questions, please contact our office.

  6. Have you made any substantial improvements this past year to your home?
  7. Most insurance policies include limitations on coverage for jewelry, silverware, guns and other collectables. This limit typically is $1,000. Do you need to increase your coverage for these types of items?
  8. Do you have detached structures on your premises, i.e. shop, garage, shed, etc., valued at more than 10% of your home coverage?
  9. Would you like a quote for sewer backup or sump pump failure coverage? or Earthquake coverage?
  10. Do you have children away at college? If yes, are their possessions insured?
  11. Do you own tools, equipment, or instruments used in your trade or profession?
    If yes, please describe:
  12. Do you or members of your family operate an office or studio or business from or in your home?
  13. Do you own rental and/or investment property, farm land and/or vacant land?
  14. Do you own a vacation home? Cabin? Trailer?
  15. Do you have a dog, livestock or other pet that may pose a risk to others?
  16. Do you use a wood-burning stove?
  17. Do you have a swimming pool?
  18. Do you regularly use vehicles that you don't own?
  19. Do you have CDs, cassettes, DVDs, or non-factory installed equipment in your car?
  20. Do you own a vehicle with custom furnishings or equipment such as a conversion van? Or a Topper or Slide-In Camper for your pickup?
  21. Do you want rental reimbursement coverage in case your auto(s) is damaged in a covered accident and is in the shop being repaired?
  22. Do you own a boat, jet ski, camper, ATV, motor home, golf cart, snowmobile, motorcycle, moped/scooter or other recreational vehicle?
  23. Do you carry at least a one-million dollar Personal Excess Liability Policy?
    If not, are you interested in a quote for one?
  24. Do you own a business? If yes, do we insure it?

If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions, please contact our office.

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