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Credit Scoring Ban on Insurance in Washington

By September 1, 2021Personal Insurance

In June of this year, there was an emergency rule passed banning the use of credit as a rating factor for personal insurance in the entire state of WA.

– Here is a link with all of the details:

In Summary:

What this means is that credit can no longer be a positive or negative factor when it comes to your insurance. For everyone that may have been adversely affected by having a less than average credit score or maybe no credit at all, there will no longer be a negative or adverse effect on the insurance rates. However, by banning credit, the positive impacts having an above average credit score have also been removed. So if a good credit score has been a positive factor that has helped lower your insurance rates, the ban on the use of credit, is removing that positive factor; resulting in an increase.

This is not anything that you did, this was done at a Statewide level and is affecting all personal insurance companies and insurance consumers in our state.

– If you would like to have your voice heard regarding the changes please visit:

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