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Home Improvement or Remodel and Home Insurance

Home Insurance - Family Home with Inviting Front WalkHave you remodeled your home recently or done a home improvement project?

Did you know that you should contact your insurance agent and let them know about any improvements you do on your home/property?  Your insurance agent should be notified of any home improvements as this could impact the value of your home and the amount of insurance coverage you need.  This information is also shared with your insurance company, so they are aware of the updated improvements; which could mean DISCOUNTS!

When underwriting a home, the insurance companies review the age and type of wiring, heating, roof and plumbing.  This is due to the potential for a loss these present.  If you have an older home and these have not been updated, some insurance companies will limit coverage or not offer coverage.  If you have an older home and have done updates, there may be discounts available to you.  


How often should I consider updates?

You should have a professional inspect your wiring, heating and plumbing at or before 30 years of age and complete any suggested upgrades to protect your investment and prevent a loss from occurring.  Your roof should be inspected on a regular basis for deterioration or damage and any moss should be removed.