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My neighbor’s tree fell on my house/car who has to pay?

By April 9, 2020June 22nd, 2020Personal Insurance
If my neighbor’s tree falls on my house; do I have to pay for it?

blog-image-looking-up-at-tree-with-sun-shining-throughWe get this question a lot.  Although the answer is not written in stone, often times your homeowners’ insurance will be the one to respond and you will be responsible for the deductible and any rate increase that may come with turning in a claim.  If your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard without doing damage to a structure such as your home, garage, shop, or a fence, you may also be left with a tree removal bill, because your home insurance typically does not pay for the removal of a tree that has simply fallen into your yard without causing damage.  Home insurance also does not provide coverage for the removal or trimming of a standing tree.

What if my neighbor’s tree falls on my car; do I have to pay for it?

Like the home, the damage done to your vehicle would typically be covered under your own auto policy and you would be responsible for the deductible.  The type of coverage that you would need for this type of incident would be comprehensive coverage.