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Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Boats: Do I need Insurance?

By May 9, 2020June 9th, 2020Personal Insurance

In the Pacific Northwest, we love our toys; boats, wave runners, ATVs, dirt bikes, tractors, etc. We love the outdoors and we know how to play in it! A few of our agents are big ATV fans. They go out on nice days with their Raptors and blast through the trails in Washington. They can speak first hand on the importance of insuring your toys.

Even though you may not be required to carry insurance on your wave runner or ATV it is still important to consider. Even if you have an old dirt bike that isn’t worth much, you still have liability exposure. If you let anyone ride your dirt bike and they get hurt or cause damage to someone else’s stuff you could be on the hook. You would really be the hook if you did the damage yourself.

Maybe you happen to be the best rider out there and you don’t let anyone else ride your dirt bike or quad. Do you really need insurance?   Think about this… I bet you have seen other operators out there that make you cringe. What if one of those bad riders come flying around a corner on their 4-wheeler and crashes right into you while you are riding safely? You now have doctor bills, and if they don’t have insurance it would sure be nice if you had some coverage like medical pay or uninsured motorist coverage to help you out with those doctor bills!

So, before you take your Sea-Doo out on the lake, or your ATV to Capital Forest, take a moment to consider if it is worth the risk to play without insurance.